High Intensity Discharge Lamps

Intensify your driving experience with a bright, long-lasting light that outperforms conventional halogen lamps.

Tungsram High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps produce a quality light that gets noticed by car lovers and novices alike.

From behind the wheel, the HID headlamps deliver better visibility and illumination than standard halogen, creating a better driving experience. And from the road, HID delivers an eye-catching, white-light style that stands out.

A better driving experience is in the details.

Extensive design and testing confirm that Tungsram HID lamps are fully interchangeable with those of other major lamp manufacturers and can be operated on all available electronic unit controls.

Better Visibility

Greater illumination on the road for improved hazard awareness and navigation in poor driving conditions.

Increased Efficiency

A 3,000-hour rating while consuming 20W less power when compared to standard halogen headlamps, which consume 55W.

Improved Durability

Excellent vibration and shock resistance, resulting in significantly greater reliability than standard halogen lamps.

Advanced Optics
A white light that more closely resembles natural daylight.